Welcome to Catherine Dwyer Counselling - a caring, comfortable space where we can truly connect.

Reaching out for help during times of struggle and going to a therapist can be so intimidating, especially for helping professionals. I would like to make the experience of therapy more comfortable and accessible for you. Now more than ever, we need to talk about, normalize and de-pathologize mental health and addictions. After all, we're all human...we all struggle or get stuck, and need support from time to time. Going to therapy is a normal, essential part of everyday life.

We just aren’t meant to face life’s challenges alone. Relationships are essential for both our survival and for us to thrive mentally, physically and spiritually. At its core, therapy is a specially designed relationship based on a genuine, empathic and empowering connection that helps you to address your challenges head on and move through your pain and suffering toward a more fulfilling life. It’s a safe, comfortable space in which you feel truly seen, heard, understood and valued.

As a therapist, I try to create an atmosphere based on that famous east coast hospitality that we Newfoundlanders are so well known for – a sense of warmth, comfort, connection and genuine caring. Much like having a cup of tea in a warm kitchen while chatting with a close and trusted companion. It’s through just these types of connections that we are able to explore difficult topics, heal from past hurts, break negative patterns and find pathways that lead you towards a meaningful life. 

So, let’s work together  to get a better sense of who you are and what you most want and need out of life. Let’s get you moving from stressed and overwhelmed to balanced; from surviving to thriving!

Catherine Dwyer MSW RSW

*Registered Social Worker
*Offering individual counselling to adults 18+ in ON and NL
*Specialized in helping the professional helpers and caregivers